Q. How much does it cost to signwrite my car, van, ute truck?


       A. Vehicle sign prices depend on how much area the sign covers, We normaly try to design your vehicle signs to suit your budget and needs.



Q. What do I do if I don't have a design?


       A. We can design a logo for you or add your logo to a sign layout.



Q. What type of materials do you use?


      A. We mostly use high quality 3m materials for our signs, If you want your signs to look good and last a long time especially for vehicles it is better to pay a bit more. Don't be fooled by cheaper prices we guarantee you will see the difference.


Q. What sort of signs can I get for my vehicle?


     A. Below is a list of signs for vehicles with an explanation for each.


Vehicle Wraps - Vehicle wrapping has become very popular, it involves wraping panels on your vehicle with a adhesive vinyl that is printed with a colour or image of your choice. A full vehicle wrap would cover the paint on your vehicle completely, sometimes a half vehicle wrap could be used to add a image to your signs and can still look stylish and sophisticated at a lower cost.


Oneway Vision - Oneway vision is a perforated vinyl that we print your artwork on and apply to you vehicle windows, It allows the driver and passengers of a vehicle to have 50% vision out. We use automotive grade Oneway vision there are alot of similar products on the market at a lower price be sure the product you get is approved for vehicles.